Where the Truth Lies

Canada/USA 2005
編導:Atom Egoyan
原著作者:Rupert Holmes
主要演員:Kevin Bacon、Colin Firth、Alison Lohman

01/04那天,跟同是喜歡Kevin Bacon的友人一起去看此片。
Kevin Bacon寶刀未老、演技精湛、魅力十足,但此片本身卻是令人失望的。
今年的加拿大電影節舉辦了「生命謎圈:艾湯.伊高揚」回顧展,看那回顧展的小冊子,覺得有好幾部電影的故事也頗吸引,有Kevin Bacon參演的本片當然是筆者最想看的一部。


mad dog said...

a lot of egoyan's fans are disappointed. i agree it's not as good as "sweet here after" and "exotica"

Scott McLean said...

hi, thanks for your comment on my weblog. I can't find my last comment, but hopefully you can find mine here.

I used to write movie reviews for a newspaper, besides writing about politics and sports, but that was quite some time ago.

The Matrix and Memento are great movies. Would you like to write a movie review in English? Or we could work on one together like the tv film critics?

Did you like The Fifth Element? Blade Runner? What other movies are in your top 10? Thanks again for the nice comment, Scott