Monday to Sunday

最近因工作需要,看了BBC紀綠片Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle,其中一集是一名英國金融才俊27歲時毅然辭去工作,到老撾過自給自足的野外生活。主持人問他當年為何有此決定時,他說:“Monday to Friday I dreaded waking up, I’d get up, I’d get on the tube and I’d look around at all the kind of ‘grey ghosts’ who’ve lost the will to live and I, well I didn’t look at them, because you don’t, everyone avoids each other’s eyes and at that point I started to think I need a change of direction. I think the real epiphany moment came when I looked around when I was working in the office and looked around at everyone and I looked at them and everyone’s just typing into their computer, and I thought I don’t actually see what we’re producing here, all we’re doing is sending emails, we’re not producing anything of any value here and at that time, I just thought I’ve never built anything, I’ve never made anything, I’ve never had that kind of tangible result of something in my hands and at that point I thought yeah, that’s what I want to do.”

一二三四五六七多勞多得真的很累,但幸好不是打office工,否則應該會Monday to Sunday I dread waking up。

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